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ST906 is a timeless lamp that, because of its size, allows for a versatile use. It can be placed on a dresser, in the bookcase, or in the window sill, without taking up too much space. The possibilities are many.

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ST906 is made in two materials, coated paper and birch veneer. The materials have different expressions and degree of illumination. Coated paper provides good and general lighting, in a pleasant white tone. Whereas the birch veneer gives a warm and cozy light.

ST906 is available as both a pendant and a table lamp.

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ST906 Size

23 x 31 cm, 25 x 47 cm



Birch – Natural and Stained
Tom Rossau birch lamellas are either untreated or stained. The same maintenance procedure applies to both variants. We only recommend cleaning birch veneer lamps using a dry dust brush.

Birch is a living material and the wood will naturally change shape a bit over time.

It is important that the material does not get in contact with water or moisture as this will soften the fibers of the wood and cause the veneer to bend. The colored birch stains when wet.

When you first receive your birch veneer lamp, the wood will appear bright and fresh. Over time, the birch gilds a little bit and gets a beautiful patina that highlights the wood veins. The stained models will be patinated in a slightly lighter tone.


Coated Paper
For cleaning lamps in coated Japanese paper, we recommend using a dry dusting brush. However, the coating of the paper allows you to remove stains or dirt with a hard-wrung cloth, as long as you do not touch the edges of the lamellae. The edges are cut and thus devoid of coating.