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We are very proud to announce that our TR41 series has been nominated for the Design Awards 2021 in the category “Årets Lampe” -Lamp of the year.

TR41 Series
A new take on a twisted classic

A new take on a twisted classic

In 2021, Tom Rossau presented a completely new series of timeless lamps. The TR41 series consists of both floor lamps and pendants in three sizes, and adds a special Nordic expression to the home with its sculptural, asymmetrical shape of slats.

A new take on
a twisted classic

7 + 37 = 41? Maybe not according to your math teacher, but if you ask Tom Rossau, 41 is exactly what you get. The TR41 series is inspired by the classic rounded hourglass shape, known from the TR7 series, and the more stringent design language that characterizes the TR37 series.

The Design

Tom Rossau has developed a brand new series of floor and ceiling lamps, which will be launched this spring. The TR41 series has strong references to the design brand’s popular slatted lamps, TR7 and TR37, but the new design offers a new look that creates a special contrast to the soft slats.

The iconic hourglass shape

With the. TR41, the well-known cylinder is tightened up with a narrowing at the top, bottom and centre, which gives the lamp a special hourglass shape. However, the narrowing in the middle is located in the lower part of the lamp. This creates an interesting asymmetry between the upper and lower sections, giving the lamp an extra edge.

The lampshade is made of a special material created by mixing paper and plastic. In combination, these materials provide a pleasant opacity, high quality, and interesting texture, making the lamps a tactile experience.

The Complete Series

The new series consists of a floor lamp and pendant in three different sizes, which can work both together and separately.
The lampshade is assembled with a piece of birch wood at the top, just as the floor lamp also stands on a base of birch wood, which gives the series’ sharp sculptural expression a warm and natural touch.

The new TR40 Pendant

The new voluminous
TR40 Pendant

In 2021, Tom Rossau, launched a completely new series of pendants that simultaneously offer a voluminous and simple expression. The new pendant lamp, named TR40, is inspired by nature’s repetitions and, with its design, lets the familiar slats continue indefinitely.

The Vision

For many years, Tom Rossau has been working on how he, with his well-known slatted design, could create volume in the ceiling that also suits the simple and tight Nordic style. This spring Tom Rossau launches the pendant series, TR40, which characterizes exactly this within its design.
To create a contrasting simplicity to the voluminous design, the pendant has a relatively narrow shape. The light source is visible, but covered with a material that creates a comfortable opacity, preventing you from being dazzled by the bulb.


The source of inspiration for the lamp has been nature’s repetitions, which give a different expression, whatever the viewpoint. In the same way, the repeated, rotating slats are an infinite repetition, which has a different and interesting appearance, whether you look from the side, from below or from above. It encourages you to study the lamp closely as a piece of art in the room.

Life in space?

The pendant, the largest of which has a diameter of 77 cm, has been created in slats of birch veneer, cut so that they are assembled at the base with an expression that gives the illusion of the slats rotating out into space.

It gives a special infinite appearance to the pendant, which is suitable for being placed above the dining table or in a room with high ceilings.

The complete series

The TR40 pendant is available in two sizes and can give a fantastic look, both together or separately.