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Danish Design, Handmade in Copenhagen

The Production

The Tom Rossau production and workshop are located at Frederiksberg Allé in Copenhagen, where all our beautiful and handmade lighting are carefully crafted.

We are very proud to say that every lamp is made in Danmark, by our skilled production team.

Made in Denmark

At the Tom Rossau production we create pendants, wall, table, and floor lamps, and we distribute the handmade lamps worldwide.

We frequently add new designs to the collection for an ever growing portfolio of handmade lamps.


The Materials

The designs are created from materials with a desire for the smallest possible environmental impact. In the design process, two-dimensional material is transformed into beautiful sculptural lamps in three-dimensional shapes.⁠

A Signed Greeting

Each lamp at the Tom Rossau universe is handmade by one of our lamp builders. When purchasing a lamp from Tom Rossau, you also receive a card with the signature of the lamp builder who made your lamp.

Feel Free

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