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Tom Rossau at the Royal Opera House

The project

Together with Henning Larsen Architects, Tom Rossau has designed six unique and custom made pendants, for Restaurant Almanak in the Royal Danish Opera House. The pendants adorn the Almanak restaurant, located on the top floor of the opera house.

Inviting light

The pendants spread a calm and inviting light in the restaurant Almanak, where they also reflect the breathtaking view of the harbour with their soft design.

Music & Light

Several of the lamps are inspired by designs from Tom Rossau’s existing portfolio, TR32 and TR33. In addition, a completely new design has been born that draws great inspiration from the music world, more specifically the trumpet, a distinctive wind instrument.

Unique design

The Royal Danish Opera House is home to unique experiences and represents a significant design history, and it is with pride that we can say that the building now houses Tom Rossau's design.

Costum made

At Tom Rossau, the customer is our focal point, and we want to create beautiful as well as functional design that fits in, right where you need it.

Do you have a special vision for your particular project? At Tom Rossau, we are always open to trying out your design ideas, and we will do our very best to bring them to life.

We strive to create lamps that fit perfectly with your particular needs, whether it is interior design in a restaurant, office or completely different surroundings and environments.