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TR32 is an elegant and sculptural lamp. The large body and volume of the lamp provides good and general lighting.

Current delivery time on lamps: 4-6 weeks

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The textured white screen material ensures a soft and comfortable diffused light. A unique and intriguing lamp, with a playful and asymmetrical shape which never gets boring to look at.

TR32 is also available as floor light.

Included in the box
  • 3 meter fabric cable
  • Canopy with metal hook
  • Terminal block

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 120 cm
TR32 Size

40 x 100 cm


PC/PE Non-woven
Tom Rossau lamps made of PC/PE non-woven lamellae are relatively rewarding in terms of cleaning. The optimal cleaning is done by using a dry dusting brush, but it is also possible to use the vacuum cleaner on a low suction on these lamps with the brush head mounted.

Do not clean with water or other liquids as the textured surface may dissolve.The material does not withstand water.

It is a very durable and flexible material, which will keep its white color over time.


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