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No.111 Table Light Large

No.112 Pendant

No.111 Table Light Small

No.111 Pendant Large

No.111 Pendant Large

The first lamp in the No. series was introduced a year ago in 2022. This year the series is taking a big leap forward whit the addition of four new designs.

No.111 Larger Pendant

The No.111 pendants are deeply rooted in Tom Rossau's previous creations and are especially inspired by one of his first, the TR4. The soft design provides a style and elegance which is also characteristic of the new, larger version, offering a larger light surface that can change the character of any room through the finest Finnish birch veneers.

The stunning sculptural expression of the No.111 pendant means that they can be easily placed in any room, bringing nature inside in the most beautiful of ways, and giving the interior a remarkable warmth. The birch veneer forms a cornerstone at Tom Rossau, who is extremely aware of both design and the future.

Available Summer 2023

No.111 Table

The No.111 table lamp is part of the No. series, which is delivered flat-packed to reduce resource consumption and take care of the climate. The No.111 table lamp is, like the pendant, a progressive and organic lamp, which is an artistic contribution to the interior.

The lamp's well-considered dimensions are very suitable as a side lamp for the bedroom or as part of a decorative “stilleben”. The beautiful and elegant lamp, which is made of veneer from Finnish birch trees, is recognisable from the universe of Tom Rossau, who is extremely aware of both style and the future.

Available Fall 2023

No.112 Pendant

The No.112 pendant is, in many ways, very similar to the other lamps in the No. series, and, in many ways, completely its own. No.112 is an organic and sculptural pendant made in the finest birch veneer, which is also seen in the previous designs from Tom Rossau.

The lamp is flat-packed to minimise the environmental footprint during transport, but can, despite the pendant's stylish and delicate expression, be assembled in a few minutes. No.112 fuses a soft, rounded appearance with a touch of lightness and minimalist design. The thin and translucent birch veneer creates a soft light that spreads easily throughout the room – regardless of where it is placed.

Available Fall 2023

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